Date: November 27, 2008View: 932

The International Congress of Geo-technology Geoexpo 2008 was held on November 13th to 14th, in Lima, Peru. DHAYI and SURVEY, the authorized dealers of South,took part in the exhibition, showing the newest products of SOUTH, the NTS-360R total station, and digital levels,etc.For its stable quality and favorable price, south products are well liked by most of the Peruvian customers.

The DHAYI also held a preface of the Innovative products customer conference, introducing the company profiles of SOUTH and DHAYI, also the surveying products of SOUTH such as the GPS, and total station, etc, detailed presenting the products technical specification and performance. The preface was warmly responding by the users, at the end, DHAYI held a draw ceremony, which makes the live atmosphere to the climax.

These few years, dealers like DHAYI and SURVEY spared no efforts to promote SOUTH products in Peru. SOUTH brand now is gradually growing and well received everywhere in Peru country.

The application of SOUTH products all around Peru

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