Factory Facilities

The seamless network in China helps SOUTH greatly to provide compelling and comprehensive services and solutions to end users. Each provincial branch shown in the graph extends its business to several regional cities and penetrates the local market with keen effort, which is a crucial advantage for customers. All these 180 offices nationwide contribute to the major part ofmarket shares in mainland China and form a big family as the SOUTH Group. Overseas Offices:

As further commitment to customers conducting services overseas, SOUTH has located its overseas offices in 3 foreign countries to meet the growing customer demand and accelerate the speed of expansion. With the launch of such new hubs you may have peace of mind knowing that SOUTH would help you better to upgrade the level of reliability and dependability, expecting long-term regional growth and customer satisfaction.

  • The factory in Beijing

    Factory in Beijing (for Total Station and Electronic Theodolite)The 11-year old factory covers an area of 215,000 square feet and has now 300 employees. Modern production lines and advanced manufacturing and testing plants are well equipped here and the annual capacity amounts to 20,000 Total Stations and 30,000 Electronic Theodolites.

  • The factory in Changzhou

    Factory # 2 in Changzhou(for Tripod and Prism Pole)In the 200,000-square-foot workshop here, a hundred vigorous people bring out 100,000 Tripods and 50,000 Prism Poles a year.

  • The factory in Wuhan

    Factory in Wuhan (for Reflector Prism and Laser Instrument)With a dynamic team of 300 staff members, the 160,000-square-foot factory delivers 80,000 Reflector Prisms, 100,000 Tribraches with Plummet as well as a large number of Laser Levels and Line Lasers.

  • The factory in Changzhou

    Factory # 3 in Changzhou (for Automatic Level)The factory turns out 20,000 Automatic Levels annually, most of which are exported worldwide.