Date: November 25, 2008View: 971

Days ago one of the representatives was sent to the Mid-East region and tracked in this mysterious land. The 8-day trip consisted of 2 parts, first in Iran, and the next, UAE, which enabled the representative to visit the authorized dealers and do some necessary market research.

Since the early stage of export business, much attention has been attached to the Mid-East region due to the huge market potentials. And Amir-Trading Co., the reputable Iranian dealer, is one of the most valued clients among all global partners. The local market is well organized and SOUTH has been made to be better known than ever here over years of tough efforts delivered by this group of hard-working Iranians. 
Hence Amir-Trading obtained the exclusivity upon commitment in early 2003 and SOUTH enjoys their steady progress and hard-won loyalty as well. The 2 parties have mutually benefitted from the long-term cooperation and support to each other. 

The friendly visit has turned out to be a wonderful time for meeting with Amir-Trading, and also some of the sub-dealers and end users, which enabled the manufacturer to get closer to the local market. The representative managed to deliver more information from China and enhance their great confidence to work with SOUTH. By exchanging opinions and ideas, SOUTH and Amir-Trading furthered discussed numerous points for the developments, trying to open up better prospects for some aspects.

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