Date: November 25, 2008View: 948

A trip was just made to Jakarta for the 3rd national exhibition for surveying industry last week. The SOUTH representatives participated in the event and paid another visit to the local dealer to further the business relations. 

The 3rd Information on Geospatial Technology Exhibition (short for IGTE) was held again this year in Jakarta Convention Center, downtown of Jakarta. As usual, the 4-day event, during August 6 to 9, introduced the latest information and technologies to the end users, and SOUTH was definitely a highlight in the show as a great force from China. Represented by the local sole agent Geoprima, SOUTH received plenty of favorable comments from the stand display and SOUTH products have been better recognized by the end users.

Besides IGTE, Geoprima managed to participate in another expo called RITECH (Research, Innovation and Technology) by the sub-dealer almost at the same time, during August 8 to 12. This is a general combination of machinery, tools, vehicles, parts and equipments are a part of the construction sector. Various presence and appearances for public display do contribute a great deal for promoting SOUTH products.

After the expos, the SOUTH representatives focused on some points for developing the market with Geoprima and delivered more service knowledge to the relevant technicians for intensive training. It was a third time to exchange the maintenance facilities, which indicated the particular attention from the management on both sides regarding after-sales service part. 

8:08, 2008/08/08, definitely it's a historical moment to China! The Chinese government lavished a great amount of money to bring the world an amazing grand opening for the Beijing Olympics. Due to the trip, the representatives missed the TV live show in homeland. Instead they were able to experience a foreign wedding ceremony and convert the greetings and congratulations to the groom, Mr. Daniel Gunawan, technician of Geoprima. The wedding party was a mixture of different cultures, Indonesian, Western and Chinese and the biggest enjoyment for SOUTH representatives was to witness the happy hours of a new couple and their families as foreign guests. 

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