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Shortcut Keys in Total Station Cut Your Time Short!

Apart from accuracy, efficiency is always what surveyors cares most about in the field. Insiders are very keen on those humanized designs that would help them to save time and efforts. Now, let's show you 2 key features from our total station model N6+.

1) Trigger Key for Quick Measurements


More convenient—— Let you take a series of measurement without taking your eye off the telescope。

Go to your desired survey program, collimate at the target after some inputs, and press this Trigger Key for quick measurement instead of eyes-off from the telescope and checking which button on the keyboard to press. Then repeat this routine for next measurements. Operational convenience definitely results in time-saving effort.

2) Hotkey Functions for Quick Menu Access



Saving time—— Multi-step menu always gets surveyors annoyed. With N6+, users may enjoy the new hotkeys for quick access to some frequent commands. Press 1 key instead of 6 steps !


Improving 30% productivity—— from center key 5 "create a New Job" easy into all other common work. For example, press 5 to Create a New Job, which is most frequently used. Also, you may go to 7 for station setup, select 8/9 for Backsight Measurement, press 4 for Resection or 0 for Stake-out. Such direct commands would get your work much easier because those are what surveyors mainly deal with in the field.  

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