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With mature technology and produce experience, the fourth-generation of SOUTH USV Poseidon SU30 comes with reliable, simple and modular. It can be equipped with different equipment to meet the demands of various operation.  

Sub-Bottom Profiler can be applied to underground detection in various applications industries and science, such as hydrography or marine construction industry, geological prospecting, pipe detection, or earthwork survey and calculation etc.

When Sub-Bottom Profiler combines with USV, a whole new world will open up for users.


                        Underground Pipe or other objects detection            Geological prospecting, earthwork calculation


 8 kg in air, 4 kg in water
Size: 415 mm (Length) *110 mm (Diameter)
Penetration Capability: <15 m (depends on the sediment and noise)
Maximum water depth: 50 m
Primary Frequency: 270 ~ 330 kHz
Secondary Frequency: 10 ~ 35 kHz
Transmit angle: less than 4°
Output Power: >3 kW
Power supply: 24VDC / 220V AC to 240VAC

Advantaged: SOUTH Sub-Bottom Profiler (SBP) SE-3 adopts the parametric technology, has the advantages of high resolution and high precision (6cm), can be used in shallow water (minimum water depth 0.5m). The weight of SE-3 is 8kg, quite a bit less than other classical Sub-Bottom Profilers. Some classical types weighting up to 100KG, by contrast, SE-3 is the better choice for end users, which can bring a convenient, high-efficient and excellent experience for operator.

Figure 1, the red beam pattern is from parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler, blue one is from classical type. This principle shows us that the parametric one can get higher resolution.


Figure 1

Picture 2 and 3 shows how the echo of Sub-Bottom Profiler works underwater, and get different geological boundaries.

Figure 2 and 3

Figure 4 shows us the differences between SOUTH echo sounders and SE-3 Sub-Bottom Profiler. Single beam single frequency 28S+, 19S and 18S can detect the surface of fluid mud. Dual frequency 260D and 19D can detect the surface of the mud. SE-3 can detect up to 15 meters depth form water bottom.


Figure 4


Figure 5: SE-3 Sub-Bottom Profiler install in the USV SU30


Figure 6: Software

Parametric Sub-Bottom Profilers are often used in the conditions with limited access for routine operation, like in shallow waters or sensible environments. To support such survey situations, we can use Poseidon SU30 configured with the SBP SE-3. SU30 can be used to survey a pre-defined area automatically or to work in protected areas. It is also possible to integrate other third-party equipment, such as ADCP, Echo Sounder or Water Sampler.

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