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Safety of rivers and lakes, monitoring has disposed.


Rainwater is an invaluable treasure bestowed by nature to mankind, but when the amount of precipitation is too high, it may also endanger the lives and property safety of the people. In order to make better use of water resources while resisting floods, the state has built reservoirs in many places. The reservoir guards our safety at all times, but it is not invincible. As time passed, many hidden dangers such as structural deformation of the reservoir dam will occur.


In the past, reservoir monitoring was mostly manual inspections twice a year, but the monitoring accuracy of this method was less than satisfactory, and it was prone to missed and wrong inspections. At the same time, it required a lot of manpower and material resources. In view of this, the Smart automatic reservoir dam safety monitoring system came into existence.


Wohushan Reservoir located in Quancheng of Jinan, a temperate monsoon climate, with most rainfall in summer, and long in winter and summer, short in spring and autumn. In accordance with local conditions, Jinan built Wohushan Reservoir. This year is the 63rd year of operation of the Wohushan Reservoir. The original monitoring facilities of the reservoir are no longer available and need to be replaced with an automated reservoir dam safety monitoring system.


South has customized the Dam Safety Early Warning Monitoring Platform SMOS for Wohushan Reservoir based on the local topography, climate, structure and other factors.



SMOS is independently developed by South. It integrates more than 20 types of sensors such as GNSS high-precision receiver, measuring robot, and deep displacement sensor. It featured with a wide range of data acquisitions, strong timeliness, and high accuracy. It can be widely used in reservoir, dam, and bridge, slope, geological disaster and other structural health monitoring.


In addition, the application of Beidou high-precision positioning technology to displacement monitoring is a highlight of this project. The high-precision displacement monitoring system developed by South based on the Beidou satellite navigation system has the characteristics of high-strength encryption, safety and reliability, higher accuracy, and stronger signals.


After the construction of relevant hardware equipment is completed, the management unit simply log in the monitoring and early warning cloud platform account in the conventional browser to start viewing and managing the equipment data.  


The platform supports the automatic real-time data collection of the monitored objects, and also supports the method of manual data entry. After the data collection, the system can automatically calculate the data information of each monitoring point through a professional multi-satellite fusion algorithm. The platform has functions such as monitoring information display, statistical analysis, etc., as well as generate data tables and GIS maps from the information to provide intuitive image information for leaders’ decision-making.


In order to further facilitate the operation of reservoir management personnel, South has developed an APP called "Deformation Monitoring Management System" (compatible with Android and Apple systems), combined with SMOS dynamic monitoring mode, which can predict potential safety hazards in the first time, and provide the water conservancy department with as comprehensive and accurate information as possible in time to prepare for the next response plan.


The South technical team designed and constructed 28 stations for the Wohushan Reservoir, forming a sophisticated monitoring network that can easily sense the subtle deformation of the dam.


It is worth mentioning that the South technical team designed an up & down centering device and an integrated monitoring column according to the actual needs in the project implementation process, and obtained the invention patent. The application of the two patents improved the accuracy of measurement and extended the service life of the instrument.  

In the nearly one year since its establishment, the system has been operating stably. In order to test the accuracy of the automatic monitoring data, the staff compared the data from 4 manual observation with the automatic monitoring data. The two measurement results are highly consistent, which strongly proves the reliability and stability of the automatic monitoring. 


South has accumulated more than ten years in the field of monitoring. It has application experience in the fields of land, land disasters, transportation, water conservancy, mining, electric power, urban ground subsidence, etc., and we believe that South is a reputable manufacturer and a safekeeper.

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