● Disruptive Innovation in Theodolite 300m Distance Measurement ● Supportable for Long-term Working ● Standard Laser Pointer ● Numeric Keypad ● 2.6 Inches LCD Screen with Illumination ● Angle, Distance and Axes Onboard Program

Model: NT-023


NT-023 Brochure



300m distance measurement with Prism

Redefined the Theodolite by it's small size but strong performance

NT-023 1

2.6 inches LCD Screen with high-capacity battery

Afford a better solution for outside surveying project


                                 Axes Stake Out


The building axes is the basis of constructions. You can choose the relative 

axes to stake out based on the points' position when doing the project. With 

this powerful Axes Stake Out function, NT-023 will help you find the stake 

out point precisely in an easier method.

          Two Methods to Stake Out the Axes


A: Occupied Pt                                         P: Occupied Pt

B: Target Pt                                              A/B: The end of axes

Set NT-023 on one end of the axes        Set NT-023 on an arbitrary point 

Disruptive Innovations





Distance Measurement (Single Prism) Max. Range 300m
Accuracy ±(3mm+2ppm*D)
Measure Time Continuous: 0.35s, Single 1.5s
Atmosphere Correction Auto correction by input parameter
Prism Constant Auto correction by input parameter
Telescope Image Erect
Magnification 26.5x
Effective Aperture 152mm
Resolving Power 3″
Field of view 1°30′
Minimum Focus Range 1.5m
Multiple Constant 100
Additive Constant 0
Stadia Accuracy ≤0.40%/L
Tube Length 155mm
Angle Measurement Measuring Method Absolute Encoding
Dia. of Encoder Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading 1″
Accuracy 2″
Detection Method Horizontal: Dual, Vertical: Dual
Compensator Type Single Axis
Working Range ±3′
Accuracy ±3″
Laser Plummet Accuracy ±1.5mm(@1.5m)
Spot Diameter ±2.5mm(@1.5m)
Wave Length 635±20mm
Display Unit Type 2.6 Inch,160*96 LCD Screen
Power Supply Battery 7.4V Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Environment Working Range ﹣20℃ ~﹢50℃
Dimension Size 165 × 160 × 340 (mm)
Weight 4.7kg

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