VR Simulated Survey Training System

    “Greatly accelerates the informatized survey teaching for educational sectors? Yes, but not just like that! This simulated training system also well prepares practical talents capable of survey job workflow practice with latest equipment for the society. Still, distributors could find it much easier to train clients with such VR-based software kits when unable to meet, like pandemic lockdown. The so-called revolutionary accomplishments might be considered as a blockbuster to the geo-spatial industry.” according to Prof. Baoyu Guo, a senior Chinese scholar in pursuit of modernized survey learning for decades.

Model: VR Simulated Survey Training System




Server End (to store data and perform backstage management) Operating System CentOS 7.6 or Windows 2012
CPU 6-core E5 or above
RAM 16 GB or above
HDD 1 TB or above
Network Card 1 GB or above
Bandwidth 5 MB or above
Power Supply 500 W or above
Computer Case tower server recommended

Regular User End (to install VR software individually)
Operating System Windows 7/8/10
CPU Processor main frequency 2.0 GHz or above, Intel Core i5-7 series recommended
HDD 500 GB or above
RAM 8 GB or above
Graphic Card Graphic memory 2 GB or above, Nvidia GTX1060(recommended)/GTX970 or Gigabyte RX580
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
Power Supply 500 W or above
Input Device mouse, keypad

Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.