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Model: SU12


SU12 Brochure


SOUTH SU12 surveying boat adopts dual spray pumps for the propulsion system, and use differential motion to control driving direction of boat. This propulsion system greatly improve the disadvantages of propeller system in previous products that in case of aquatic plants are sucked into propeller and damage the propulsion system.

Coming with carbon nanofiber material and the innovative hull design, SU12 surveying boat becomes an outstanding hydrographic equipment with small size and lightweight, it is very convenient to carry to the field, and one person is able to accomplish the mission. 

With moon pool design which running through the bottom, SU12 is able to carry the ADCP(Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers), echo sounder, RTK receiver or the other equipments,  which makes small boat be a combination system and implement surveying works to be diversified. 

SU12 boat is mainly applied to the basin of rivers, lakes and reservoirs where there is quiet waves. It can sail to about 2km away from control center with manual remote control, or it is set to return automatically while it reach to the boundary of specified working area.



Physical Hull Material Carbon Fiber
Hull Length 105 cm
Hull Width 55 cm
Weight (excl. ADCP) 14 kg
Payload 10 kg
Motor Water jet propeller
Moon Pool ≤ 190 mm
Communication Remote Control Radio Frequency
Remote Control Frequency 900 MHz / 868 MHz
Remote Control Range 2 km
Data Telemetry Frequency 900 MHz / 868 MHz
Data Telemetry Range* 2 km
Performance Survey Speed 2-5 knots (1-2.5m/s)
Top Speed 10 knots (5m/s)
Battery Endurance 4 hours @ 2.5m/s
Battery Pack** 1 x 33V 40Ah
Quick Battery Replacement
Options Autonomous control Real time video monitoring
ADCP telemetry module
SOUTH 18S echo sounder

*2.4G wireless Ethernet as option, telemetry range 2km @ 2Mbps **Higher capacity battery pack as an option Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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