●Professional and portable ●Wirelessly connect RTK and echo sounder ●Support export multiple data formats ●WebUI for simple configuration ●Android or Windows software optional

Model: SDE-19


SDE-19 Brochure


SDE-19 is SOUTH latest echo sounder product. With abundant project experiences, SDE-19 is an innovated echo sounder for hydrographic surveyors. SOUTH knows deeply that echo sounder needs to be rugged and also portable, SDE-19 is that one for the professional  hydro surveyors who are looking forward to. 

SDE-19 can apply in marine survey, fluid mud area survey, topographic survey and sea-route survey etc.


SDE-19 Frequency SDE-19S: 200k Hz
SDE-19D: 200k Hz and 20k Hz standard
Measure range SDE-19S: 0.3m - 200m
SDE-19D: 200k Hz: 0.3 - 200m 20k Hz: 0.5 - 600m
Beam angle SDE-19S: 200k Hz: 7 degree
SDE-19D: 200k Hz: 7 degree 20k Hz: 20 degree
Power supply DC 12V
Interface 3* RS232, 1* RS485, 1 power supply interface, 1 transducer port and 1 LAN port
WiFi Build-in WiFi unit, support webUI login and data transmission
IP level IP67
Operating temperature -45°C - 60°C
Hull material 316L stainless steel
Transducer size SDE-19S: 254mm×124mm×45mm
SDE-19D: 250mm×147mm×110mm
Host size 220mm×210mm×70mm
Host weight SDE-19S: 2.9KG
SDE-19D: 3.0KG

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