● Login webUI to check the real-time monitoring data ● Excel report and graphic export ● Multiple alert system, SMS, email and other sensors ● 24*7*365 stable working system ● Wireless data transmition ● Solar pannel power supply ● Support the third part sensors







GENRAL Real-time and stable 24*7*365 operation time of the automatic monitoring system
Data storage All the result data are stored in SQL database,webUI and data process program transfer data via database
Customizable Support many monitoring sensors,support assemble the third part sensos an WebUI function customized
Report export and alert setting Support history data report export,support mutiple alert methods and different value alert settings
User management Support create sub users,and configure sub users with different authority
SENSOR SUPPORT GNSS Sensors S9,S10,S10mini,Displacement Stack
Geotechnical sensors Extensometers, piezometers, strain gauges, inclinometers, thermometers, barometers, rain gauges, etc.
Environmental sensors Meteo, rain gauge, water leve, etc
Webcam images Store webcam images or send them to web UI
COMMUNICATION Multiple connection possibilities LAN, WLAN, Radio, cable/serial, mobile (GPRS/ UMTS)
FEATURES Event management Notify relevant personnel of warning information by remote network,sound light,SMS, email
Data Analysis Real-time analysis of the solution results can be achieved, and historical data of the database can also be used for historical statistical analysis
Data push to SMOS webUI View and analyse data locally or in the cloud using range of graphs, images, maps, tables and deformation scans


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