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    Model: PPK aeroPOS software SkyLines



    Transforming more tough fieldwork, like GCP (Ground Control Point) measurements, into fast processing is always enjoyable to surveyors. As a specialized GNSS data software kit, SkyLines is engineered to deal with the flight lines and compute precise aerial positional information of drones equipped with an airborne PPK module. Corrected with base observations by post differential algorithm, the high-precision aerial positioning data is just a few mouse clicks away, which makes it more productive in the drone mapping workflow. By using this powerful tool, drone users can obtain highly accurate POS (Positioning & Orientation System) data at centimeter level via post processing and may be independent of ground control points for further adjustment in aerial triangulation. 



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    aerial positioning records

    geo-tagged imagery (.exif/.jpg)

    timestamp details

    base observations

    ephemeric data

    centimeter-level POS data

    geo-referenced imagery

    digital surface model

    digital orthophoto map

    digital elevation model

    vector line map

    oblique 3D model

    WHY PPK ?

    PPK, short for Post Processed Kinematic, is a GNSS positioning technique that obtains 

    post differential corrections with carrier phases. Compared with RTK technology, PPK 

    enjoys datalink transmission free, as base station and rover device would just individually 

    store their data records that are post processed after the survey has been completed. 

    This is utilized to improve the aerial positioning accuracy of drones which might find it 

    difficult to obtain RTK fixed solutions during missions especially in case of poor satellite 

    signals or weak datalink transmission.

    PPK Aeropos Software SkyLines


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    • Applicable for DJI Phantom4RTK or any other drone equipped with GNSS module 

    • Intuitive interfaces and optimized algorithm ready for fast processing 

    • Full constellation options with more operational flexibilities 

    • Observation file timeline display available

    • Suited to post process both static and kinematic GPS data

    • Centimeter grade outputs, more reliable than simply aerial RTK positioning results

    • Supports WGS84 and local coordinate systems both 

    • Simplifies drone survey fieldwork by effectively eliminating GCP measurements 

    • Dongle-free version available for trial use upon request 


    PPK Aeropos Software
    Satellite System GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo
    PPK Accuracy Horizontal : down to 1 cm + 1 ppm
    Vertical : down to 1 cm + 1 ppm
    Input Format RINEX, STH, SP3
    Output Format TXT
    OS Windows 7 or above
    RAM 4GB
    GPU not required
    Recommended Base Station Galaxy G1/G1plus/G6, etc.


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