Handheld SLAM LiDAR GoSLAM Series

    If you’re looking for a rugged SLAM handheld with scan-to-output magic, it’s time to try GoSLAM.

Model: GoSLAM



Portable LiDAR GoSLAM Series


Portable LiDAR GoSLAM Series 2


Number of Scanner VS100 1
DS100 2
RS100S 1
Scanner Mode VS100 non - rotatable
DS100 non - rotatable
RS100S rotatable
Laser Channel VS100 32
DS100 32
RS100S 16
Scan Rate VS100 650,000 pts/sec
DS100 1,300,000 pts/sec
RS100S 320,000 pts/sec
FOV VS100 360°x 45°
DS100 360°x 360°
RS100S 360°x 285°
Relative Accuracy VS100 0.7-2 cm (best @ 50 m)
DS100 0.7-2 cm (best @ 50 m)
RS100S up to 1 cm
Weight (handheld) VS100 0.9 kg
DS100 1.6 kg
RS100S 1.6 kg
Battery Endurance VS100 5 hrs (with 2 battery, hot swappable)
DS100 4 hrs (with 2 battery, hot swappable)
RS100S 4 hrs (with 2 battery, hot swappable)
Realtime Display VS100 inbuilt touch screen
DS100 inbuilt touch screen
RS100S smartphone APP
Scan Range VS100/ DS100/ RS100S max. 120 m
Laser Type VS100/ DS100/ RS100S Class 1 (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Material VS100/ DS100/ RS100S aviation-grade aluminum alloy, protective, weather-proof and anti-interference
Data Storage VS100/ DS100/ RS100S inbuilt SSD 500 GB (for all models);
RS100S supports extendable memory (SD card 128 GB as default)
Data Process VS100/ DS100/ RS100S RTD (for VS/DS);
RTD + post process (for RS)
Operating Temperature VS100/ DS100/ RS100S -40 ~ +60 ℃
Ingress Protection Rating VS100/ DS100/ RS100S IP 45

Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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