• High accuracy - 1” for angle, 1+1ppm for distance • Long range prism (5000m) and reflectorless (1200m) measurements • Reliable prism search to 300m • Auto prism recognition to 1200m • LocknTRack function • Hyper Drive, direct motor powered by worm and gear • Flexible data transfer by USB OTG, TF card and Bluetooth • Fully robotic control with H6 Plus Controller, up to 450m • Practical Survey Star onboard

Model: NS30


NS30 Brochure


With the excellent HYPER Drive Servo Technology and Zigbee Long-link module, NS30 can easily cope with remote control of one-man survey system and also adapt to all-weather monitoring projects; combined with Android onboard system, SOUTH NS30 will realize more possibilities in industrial applications. Benefit from the high accuracy 1" and 1mm+1ppm, NS30 has obvious advantages in high-precision projects such as high-speed railways, subways, bridges, and tunnels.

1 - APR (Auto Prism Recognition) + Prism Search

Blessed with the APR function, surveyor doesn’t need for precise aiming on the prism by eyes any more; within the range of 1.5m-1200m, you only need to turn the EDM to the vicinity (±1.5°) of the prism when measuring, it can be automatically corrected to the prism center.

Once Prism Search is activated, the NS30 starts to rotate in horizontal direction 360°by anti-clockwise direction, then next in vertical direction ±18°to find the prism and targeted to prism center precisely in the distance range of 1.5m-300m. It reduces aiming operation error by the surveyor, ensures the accuracy of the measurement data.

2 - LocknTRack + One-man Field Survey System

When enable the LocknTRack function, NS30 will quickly lock the prism ID and track the moving prism. It flexibly respond to various environments, and significantly improve the efficiency of survey and stakeout.

Powered by Zigbee technology, NS30 has a stable connection for remote control within the range of 450m to connect with H6 Plus Controller. One prism operator can complete the survey work, saving manpower also saving field working time, improving efficiency greatly.


3 - Powerful Onboard Software - Survey Star

NS30 equipped with Android 11 system and comes pre-installed with the powerful Survey Star software onboard. The Survey Star offers a graphic display of the survey elements on the base map, it also support the CAD stakeout with DWG, DXF files.

Using Survey Star Pilot on H6 Plus Controller, surveyor can setup the station, collect the points data and stake out flexibly as an one-man survey system, which is fast, flexible and powerful for your daily tasks.



Angle Measurement
Accuracy 1"
Measure Method(HZ/V) Absolute, continuous, 4 path detective
Diameter of Encoder Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading 1"/0.1"
Compensator Type Dual axis, liquid photoelectric
Compensator Accuracy 1"
Compensator Range ±6'
Distance Measurement
Laser Output*1 Class 3R
Measuring Range Prism*2: 5000m
Reflectorless*3: 1200m
Accuracy Prism: ±(1mm+1xppm•D)
Reflectorless: D<500m: ±(2mm+2xppm•D), D>500m: ±(5mm+2xppm•D)
Measuring Time Prism: Fine: 0.3S, Tracking 0.1S
Reflectorless: 0.3-3S
Minimum Reading 1mm/0.1mm
Robotic Specification:
Motor Type DC Servo Motor
Rotate speed 60º/s
Rotation Time F1/F2 2.9s
Robotic Specification:
Prism Search
Range 3-300m
Scope*4 Horizontal: 360º; Vertical: ±18º
Search Time Typically 3.5s per 90º
Robotic Specification:
Auto Prism Recognition
Range*5 3-1200m
Time 3-5s
Search Window Customized
General Specification:
Image Erect
Tube Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 45mm (EDM: 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Resolving Power 3"
Field of View 1º30'
Minimum Focus 1.2m
Reticle Illumination 5 brightness levels
General Specification:
OS, Interface and Data
Operation System Android 11
5inch, TFT color LCD with LED backlight, touch screen, dual face
Keyboard 13 keys with backlight, 4 keys for function
Processor MT6833, 8 Core, 2.2GHz
Data Storage Internal Memory: 4GB RAM, 64GM ROM
Plug-in Memory Device: Type-C for USB OTG, TF card
General Specification:
Interface RS-232, Bluetooth 5.1
SIM Slot Micro Sim, 5G
Long-range Remote Control Powered by Zigbee, 450m
General Specification:
Plate Level 30"/2mm
Circular Level 8'
General Specification:
Laser Plummet
Type Red laser dot, 635nm
Accuracy ±1.5mm at 1.5m
General Specification:
Power Supply
Operating Time (20℃) 4 hours
Battery Li-ion rechargeable battery, 5400mAh
General Specification:
Working Environment
Working Temperature -20ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +70ºC
Protection /Humidity IP65 / 95% non-condensing
General Specification:
Size 217mm*198mm*378mm (without antenna)
Weight 7kg (with battery)

*1: A built-in rangefinder product equipped with a Class 3R laser has a harmful distance of 1000m (3300ft). Beyond this distance, the laser intensity will be reduced to Class 1. *2:Standard clear, no haze, overcast situations. Range and accuracy are dependant on atmospheric conditions. *3: With Kodak Gray Card White Side (90% reflective) *4/5: For 64mm round prism.


Operational video

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