NET S9(336)

    ●Integrated professional OEM board, 336 channels ●Brand new design of aluminum alloy housing ●Built to IP67 standard industrial level ●Allow to access with connecting WIFI hotspot and Bluetooth ●Multi-format raw data storage, including STH and RINEX ●Adopts eMMC storage technology ●Supporting TCP Client, TCP Server, NTRIP Client, NTRIP Server, NTRIP Caster and Serial Port

Model: NET S9 (336)


NET S9 (336)


SOUTH NET S9 (336) has integrated professional OEM board, 336 channels, compatible with all constellations.

In addition, we greatly improve the operation experience and convenience for users with the additional function of WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth connections, thus, users are able to configure receiver with any mobile terminal. NET S9 (336) is not only able to record STH file, but also support RINEX file storage.

10000mAh high capacity of battery built-in, can act as a primary power source or as an Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) backup.SOUTH NET S9 (336) is using eMMC (Embeded Multi Media Card) technology for internal memory, faster and larger, stable and reliable. Moreover, NET S9 (336) allows to connect to an external storage devices(maximum up to 1TB) via USB Host interface so that you don't have to worry about data storage.

Net S9


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