N7/N9 Series

    ● 1”/ 2” Accuracy, Up to 2000m Non-Prism EDM ● Ultra-Fast Measurement in 0.3s ● Windows CE 6.0 with WinTS, WinEG & WinMG Software ● Cable-Free Connection by Wireless Bluetooth

Model: N9/N70/N7


N7/N9 2.0 Brochure


World's First- Dual Laser EDM




Distance Measurement Reflectorless N7 Series: 1000 /1500 /2000m
N9: 1000m
Single Prism N7 Series: 5000m
N9: 3500m
Accuracy: Non Prism 3+2ppm
Accuracy: Prism N7 Series: 2+2ppm
N9: 1+1ppm
Sheet N7 Series: 2+2ppm
N9: 1+1ppm
Measurement Time 0.3s In Fine
0.1s In Tracking
Atmospheric Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input, Auto Correction
Temperature Correction Sensor Reading, 0.2ppm Accuracy
Distance Reading Max: 99999999.9999m Min: 0.1mm
Angle Measurement Accuracy N7 Series: 2"
N9: 1"
Method Absolute, Continuous
Disk Diameter 79mm
Detection Method V: Quadruple, H: Quadruple
Angle Reading Min: 0.1"
Telescope Image Erect
Tube Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 48mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Field Of View 1°30'
Resolving Power 3"
Minimum Focus Distance 1.2m
Muitiple/Additive Constant 4 Brightness Levels
Keyboard And Display Keyboard Alphanumeric 28 Keys
Display 3.5 Inches, Color Touch
Resolution 640*480 dpi
Position Face 1, Face 2
Operation System Operation System Windows CE 6.0
Processor Intel PXA310
Memory 128M DDR, 512M NAND FLASH
Interface WIFI 802.11
Bluetooth Class II, V2.0+EDR
SD Card Yes
Serial Port Yes
Mini USB Yes
Mirco USB None
USB Flash Disk USB OTG
SIM Card None
Compensator System Liquid, Dual Axis
Working Range ±4'
Accuracy 1"
Plummet Laser Plummet (Default)
Accuracy ±1.5mm @1.5m
Laser Brightness Adjustable
Wavelength 630-670nm
Laser Class Class 2 /IEC60825-1
Laser Power <0.4mW
Optical Plummet (Optional)
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range 0.5m --
Field Of View 5"
Accuracy 1.5mm @1.5m
Battery Type Lithium
Voltage 7.4V
Operating time 8 hours
Vial Plate Vial 30" /2mm
Circular Vial 8' /2mm
General IP Rate IP55
Temperature Range -20°C -- +50°C
Dimension 196*192*360mm
Weight 6.2kg
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