SOUTH S1 external UHF radio is an all new design of product for the field works. It supports SOUTH / Trimtalk protocols, 410 MHz to 470 MHz. Even in the field without a computer, the 1.54-inch LCD interface makes the configuration and troubleshooting possible and visualized. This radio features with rugged housing, better cooling fins, power control, flexible and convenient settings.

Model: S1


SOUTH S1 Brochure


Cooling control

      The new design housing has more cooling fins to make the radio temperature cool down during the transmission, so that the radio can work properly

Flexible band rate

      S1 radio has a new air band rate 38400, to ensure the data flow is enough for muti-constellation, so that Rover will get stable corrections.

Use define frequency

      410MHz to 470MHz, you can set the frequency of each channel, to avoid the interference from other radio.

Bluetooth control

      We have Android app to configurate the radio functions (such as frequency, channel, protocol, power) through Bluetooth.

1.54-inch display

      The S1 LCD display can show the configuration informations such as frequency, channel, protocol, power. 


      S1 supports SOUTH/TrimTalk protocol, compatiable with different GNSS receivers.

Power control

      S1 has auto power control system, battery voltage warning.


Radio Protocol SOUTH/ Trimtalk
Power 10W/ 25W
Frequency 410MHz ~ 470MHz
Channel Bandwidth 12.5 kHz/ 25 kHz
Rx Sensitivity ≤0.25μV(12dB SINAD)
Air Band Rate 9600/ 19200/ 38400
Serial Band Rate 9600/ 19200/ 38400
Channels 16
Interface Display 1.54 inch LCD
Buttons 4
Indicator 2 indicator lights
Configurations Through Android app or buttons
Link BT BT v4.0
Data/ Power Connector 5-pin LEMO external power port +RS232
RF Connector TNC female
Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃ to +80℃
Storage Temperature -45℃ to +85℃
Waterproof/ Dustproof IP67
Shockproof 1 m
General Size 178*135*68mm
Weight 2.3KG
Power 9.0 V DC to 15.0 V DC, nominal @ 12.0 V DC


A license code is required for the software trial use. Please key in your basic information below and our staff may reach you for the registration assistance or any technical support after your download the installation file.