N40 Series

    ● Ultra-large, 4.0 inches color touch screen ● Auto instrument height & guide light *1 ● Camera for target aiming *2 ● Ultra-visualized, boosts your efficiency with graph ● Ultra-flexible, send the data immediately by USB, Bluetooth or even mails

Model: N41/N40


N40 Brochure


Class-leading Performance

Graphic Display to Boost Your Daily Work

Featuring a easy-to-use O.S with graphical display, N40 series total station enriches your surveying workflow with visual possibility and productivity. With extreme long-range EDM, quadruple-axis compensator, trigger key and powerful onboard applications, it allows you to work quickly and effectively from the first day.



Angle Measurement Accuracy N41: 1”
N40: 2”
Minimum Reading N41: 0.1”/1”
N40: 1”/5”
Measure Method Absolute Encoding Disk
Diatmeter of Encoding Disk 79mm
Detection Method Horizontal: 4-path, Vertical: 4-path
Angle Unit 360°/400gon/6400mil
Horizontal 0/Vertical 0 V0/H0
Distance Measurement Laser Class Laser Class 3R①
Wavelength 685nm
Distance Unit m/ft
EDM System Basic Frequency 70-150MHz
Constant K Auto Correction, K=0.14/0.2
Prism Constant Auto Correction
Atmosperic Correction Auto Correction
Accuracy: Prism N41: 1+1ppm
N40: 2+2ppm
Accuracy: Reflective Sheet 2+2ppm
Accuracy: Reflectorless 2+2ppm⑤
Measure Range: Prism② Single: 4000m / Triple: 5000m
Measure Range: Prism Enhanced Single: 5000m / Triple: 6000m
Measure Range: Reflective Sheet③ 1200m
Measure Range: Reflectorless④ 1000m
Meaasure Speed: Prism Single <1.2s, Repeat <0.5s, Tracking <0.25s
Meaasure Speed: Reflective Sheet Single <1.0s, Repeat <0.5s, Tracking <0.25s
Meaasure Speed: Reflectorless Single: 0.5s-3s; Tracking: 0.25s-3s, max.10s⑥
Telescope Image Erect
Magnifcation 30x
Effective Aperture 45mm(DTM:47mm)
Resolution 3"
Field of View 1°30'
Minimum Focus 1.5m
Tube Length 152mm
Retical Illumination Adjustable, 4 Levels
Vial Plate Vial 30“/2mm
Circular Vial 8'/2mm
Compensator System Dual-axis Liquid-electric Sensor
Working Range ±6’
Resolution 1”
Plummet Laser Plummet: Laser Class Class 2. Red Laser
Laser Plummet: Wavelength 635nm
Laser Plummet: Power 0.5mW
Laser Plummet: Diameter ≤2.0mm@1.5m
Laser Plummet: Brightness Adjustable, 5 Levels
Auto Height *1*2: Measure Range 0.5m-3m
Auto Height *1*2: Accuracy ±1.5mm@1.5m
Optical Plummet: Image N41: -
N40: Erect
Optical Plummet: Magnifcation N41: -
N40: 3x
Optical Plummet: Focusing Range N41: -
N40: 0.3m~∞
Optical Plummet: Field of View N41: -
N40: ±4°
Guide Light*1 Type LED
Wavelength Red 635nm / Yellow 590nm
Effective Distance 200m
Camera*2 Pixel N41: 780,000
N40: -
Focal Length N41: 16mm
N40: -
Sight of View N41: 12.5*11.7 Degree
N40: -
Refresh Rate N41: 11 Frames/s
N40: -
Depth of Field N41: 2m-∞
N40: -
Storage N41: jped
N40: -
Digital Zoom N41: 1x, 2x, 3x
N40: -
White Balance N41: Auto
N40: -
Brightness N41: Auto
N40: -
Display Unit & Keyboard Display Unit 3.5 Inches Colorful LCD Touch Screen
Resolution 320*240dpi
Backlight Adjustable, 8 Levels
Keyboard 30 Keys
Memory Internal Memory 98M, 833,000 Points
External Memory USB&SD Card Available, Maximum 32G
Data Transfer USB, Mini USB, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, SD Card, RS-232
Power Supply Type X2 LI-ION Rechargeable Battery
Voltage 7.4V
Capacity 3900mAh, 29wh
Working Time 36 hours continuous Angle measurement mode only every 30 seconds
Charging Time 3 Hours
Others Working Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Size 206mm*200mm*353mm
Weight 6kg
Dust/Water IP66

①EN60825-1: 2007 ②Good conditions: No haze, visibiliity about 40km. Overcast, no scintillation ③Good conditions. With Koada gray card white side (90%) reflective. standard sheet size. 300m under good conditions with koada gray card grey side (18%). ④With Kodak gray card white side (90%) reflective. Reflectorless range /accuracy may vary according to measuring objects, observation situations and environmental conditions ⑤Range less than 200m. When the measure range is over 200m, the accuracy will be 5+2ppm. ⑥Typical, under good conditions. Range less than 500m. It also depend on object surface. Maximum less than 10s *1: Available on N41, N40X total station *2: Available on N41I total station


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